Basking In Ritter Sport Chocolate In Berlin And 2020

My first orgasmic food experience was at the Ritter Sport shop and museum in Berlin. Dripping with warmth and cacao, this Französische Straße staple was an hour of ogling over brightly wrapped and inexpensive chocolate. A regular sized bar costs 1.05 euro—a bargain seeing as it’s heftier and more filling than a Chick-fil-A breakfast. 02/10/2010 · Behold, a custom Ritter Sport Chocolate bar is made to order at the Ritter Sport Museum/Store/Min-Factory in Berlin. Sehr Lecker! The ChocoShop offers everything to melt a chocolate lover's heart: the colorful RITTER SPORT product line, distinctive gift packs and special editions such as the Berlin design 500g bar: real collectors' items you can buy nowhere else. And in the “pick & mix” area you can put together your very own chocolate gift just as you like. 26/10/2019 · The Colorful Chocolate World of Ritter Sport in Berlin is a great place for kids, because everyone can make their own chocolate bar. Everyone loves creating, and then being able to eat your creation makes it that much better. Plan on making Ritter Sport Berlin part of your itinerary! 07/03/2017 · Did you know there is a Ritter Sport Chocolate Shop in Berlin?? Ritter Sport is my favorite chocolate brand and when I spotted this online I was extremely excited to go there and buy everything in sight. The Ritter Sport shop is like the M&M store in New York and London but better. It has 3 floors filled with chocolate and.

23/07/2015 · Let me show you around the wonderful world of Ritter Sport in Berlin. Watch as I create my very own flavoured chocolate bar and have a look around the store. It's big, it's colourful, and to many, it's Chocolate Heaven! 22/10/2015 · Make your own bar of Ritter Sport chocolate. So packed with presents and full as ticks we left the shop and continued the trip around Berlin. My summary will be the following: Ritter Sport Bunte Schkowelt or in other words chocolate museum in Berlin is a very good place to go.

02/10/2010 · Two made with milk chocolate and one with dark. Gummi bears, marshmallows, yogurt flakes, strawberry flakes and almonds were just some of the ingredients. Go to Berlin. 14/09/2011 · Wir Berlin-Ferienhaus- waren bei der Herstellung der Social Media Rallye Schokolade in der Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt in Belin dabei. Leckere Schokolade selbst kreiert mit Joghurt und Knusperkugeln. Hmmm wie lecker. Besuchen Sie Berlin. 23/01/2011 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. 17/10/2019 · Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt, Berlin: Hours. A fantastic place for everyone,with an exhibition of chocolate to look around,a fantastic selection of different chocolate bar and flavours in the shop,to the excellent area where you can add up your own concoctio. The place is designed to house a part where you can create your own Ritter Sport.

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